albatros project
nadine abado & stefan stürzer


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albatros project based in vienna, austria.
cross oceans for breakfast.
since 2013.
one female. one male.
breeding and dancing.
creating photos, installations, paintings, videos.
cover great distances with little exertion.


nadine abado
born 1986 in vienna, austria
musican since 1998 in different bands and different music styles
autodidact photographer and writer
national and international shows
work since 2013 in the art and culture center "werk"
2013 got intrested in being an albatros bird

stefan stürzer
born 1984 in ried im innkreis, austria

autodidact painter, musican, photographer and writer since 2000
cofounder of the performancegroup "koalabrüder" 2009
national and international exhibitons and shows
founder and owner of the art and culture center "werk" in vienna since 2006
2013 got intrested in being an albatros bird

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