toilette business class

gezeigt werden 35 photos von toiletten im öffentlichen raum mit besonderem augenmerk auf die wiener club und kunstszene. teils mit wertschätzung sauber für den nächsten hinterlassen, oder im rausch und rücksichtslosigkeit vollständig verdreckt.

ein ort der kommunikation, der begegnung oft voll mit botschaften an den wänden beschmiert und verziert.

in unserer gesellschaft leben derzeit ca 2,5 milliareden menschen ohne zugang zu einer toilette wie wir sie kennen. 40 prozent der weltbevölkerung haben keine hygienisch ausreichenden sanitäreinrichtugen und eine oft unzureichende kanalisation.

dadurch verunreinigen flüsse, wasser und böden was für viele menschen gesundheitliche und sozio-ökonomischen folgen mit sich bringt.

brought and gained

se muestra lo que hemos llevado a chile y lo que hemos recibido en chile. por desgracia no podemos exponer a todas las personas que han cruzado a nuestro camino. se muestra el proceso, la fotografía y el vídeo que reflejan nuestro viaje.

a lo mejor uno sabe donde empieza un viaje pero ¡seguramente! no como termina.

video editing by david guzmán

get connected !

two functioning rotary dial-telephones are placed in a room. a 200 meter long cable connects not only the phones, but are also attached to eight photographs of powerlines on the wall, which symbolise an electrical junction box. furthermore the cable runs through a conceptualized world-map, crossing the cities Marakesh, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Rio de Jainero and Mexico City.

in addition, ambient soundscapes captured from marketplaces of these cities will be played.

who is who? "spirits that i've cited//my commands ignore"

photo and video by peter bittermann

black and white ghosts hover over a carpet of many receipts. through the airflow generated by a fan, the ghosts acquire movement and turn around their own axis. the viewer can determine the movement of the ghosts based on the position he or she holds within the space.


consumer society
increased self-worth isn't gained through the increase of possession. money, our daily ail and topic of conversation, is ubiquitous. your status! in our contemporary society, money cannot be ignorant. it's wrath is upon us, thus turning us into ghosts.

wrong directions - find your own way to paradise!

photo by thomas albdorf

signs attached to a pole, some of which point in the right direction, and others are entirely misleading.


fears of our societyIn order to discover oneself, risks need to be taken, detours have to be made, and in some cases, failure needs to occur as well. only the ones that dare and show courage to take on journeys, of which the goal is unknown, will truly understand the value of FREEDOM.

riding through//nature

video by david holderbaum

photos of landscapes on a brick wall illuminated by a projector light. at an interval of four minutes, a video with sound is exposed, displaying a train riding through the pictured landscape.


human and naturethe installation explores the brutal and destructive ways in which humanity interacts with nature. in the long run, the pure strive for profit and the immoderate waste of resources leads humanity to turn against one another, to kill, to destroy vital foundations for the generations to come.

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